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We have a great range of designs and samples available for you to take home to view. Or have a look at our current stock vinyl range for some great specials

Thorough preparation for the best finish flooring wellington NZ

The finished quality of your vinyl flooring depends on the preparation undertaken prior to installation. Just as with our carpet we do not compromise on the preparation to ensure a professional finish, which we back with our workmanship guarantee.


Stock Luxury Vinyl Flooring NZ

Here at Marson Flooring, we have a great range of quality stock carpet and vinyl at discounted rates, perfect for Renovations, Rentals, New Builds, and Light Commercials. There is no waiting for products to arrive, they can be cut and ready for you by the following day – great if you’re in that extra rush.

Stocks are limited, so don’t delay coming to see us to view the current range.

Vinyl Short Ends

There is also a range of short ends and offcuts if you only have a small area to do on a budget.

  • Pictures are for demonstrative purposes and colours may differ slightly.
  • Products are sold by the Lineal Metre (one-meter length by the product width). Don’t be fooled by products sold in m² that ‘appear’ cheaper.
  • We endeavour to keep this page up to date so all products you see here are currently available. Please contact us to find out just how much is left.
  • Please be aware rolls are measured for total amount left, however roll ends can often have 'core marks' which appear as humps for the last meter or so.

Belgo Audrey 584

3M Wide $110.00 lm - 5.3m

Select Zig Zag Beige

3M Wide $120.00 lm - 9.2m + 2.9m

Select Zig Zag Light Grey

3M Wide $120.00 lm - 4.9m + 2.8m

Belgo Bolivia

3M Wide $110.00 lm - 4.88m

Ambient Chalet Oak

2M Wide $80.00 lm - 25.0m

Vogue French Oak Light Brown

2M Wide $75.00 lm - 22.4m

Vogue French Oak Smoke

2M Wide $75.00 lm - 4.3m

Exclusive Polished Concrete

2M Wide $60.00 lm - 24.6m

Zenith Impala 598

2M Wide $70.00 lm - 8.5m

Zenith Impala 592

2M Wide $70.00 lm - 5.4m

Kiev Grege

2M Wide $65.00 lm - 12.9m

Traffic 260 Hekto ‘second’

2M Wide $45.00 lm - 10.4m

Puretex Disa 111S

2M Wide $80.00 lm - 30.0m

Studio Trend Disa 979M

2M Wide $75.00 lm - 20.2m

Zenith Glandon

2M Wide $70.00 lm - 23.5m

Presto Coronet 592

2M Wide $65.00 lm - 26.0m

Presto Coronet 595

2M Wide $65.00 lm - 30.0m

Classics Amalfi Warm Beige

2M Wide $70.00 lm - 4.1m

Exclusive Kaolin Dark Grege

2M Wide $50.00 lm - 9.0m

Exclusive Kaolin Taupe

2M Wide $50.00 lm - 5.7m


IVC Rapollo

33.4m x 2m for $150.00

Vogue Fossil Grey

2.1 x 3m for $150.00

Tundra 58

4.1m x 2m for $220.00

Magnum Lakeland Flint

3.2m x 2m for $110.00

Designer Eternity

2.2m x 3m for $100.00

Linoleum Orange

(total 3.2m) Undamaged 2.7 x 2m
for $60.00

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